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Queen - The logo girls t-shirt   Queen night at the opera Hooded Sweatshirt   The Queen Logo t-shirt

Queen Rock Band
Queen band were formed in 1970 in London by guitarist Brian May, vocalist Freddie Mercury, and drummer Roger Taylor. Bassist John Deacon completing the lineup the next year. While it is uncertain, Estimations range for how many albums the band has sold - from 130 million to over 300 million albums worldwide.

Freddie Mercury Queen T-Shirt   Queen Rock Band tee   Queen shirt

In 1969, guitarist Brian May, a student at London's Imperial College, and bassist Tim Staffell determined to build a rock group. May placed an classified ad on the college notice board for a "Mitch Mitchell/Ginger Baker type" drummer; Roger Taylor, a young dental scholar, auditioned and got the job. They called the group Smile and served as a prop up act for bands such as Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Yes and the original Genesis.
Smile signed to Mercury Records in 1969, and had their first assembly in a recording studio in Trident Studios that year. Staffell was presence Ealing Art College with Farrokh Bulsara, afterward known as Freddie Mercury, and introduced him to the band. Bulsara soon became a keen fan. Staffell left in 1970. The outstanding Smile members, expectant by Bulsara, altered their name to "Queen" and continued working as one. The band had a numeral of bass players throughout this period who did not fit with the band's chemistry. February 1971 John Deacon began to run through for the first album.

In 1973, after a chain of delays, Queen released their first album, a self-titled project prejudiced by the heavy metal and progressive rock of the day. The album was received well by critics. However, it drew modest conventional awareness and the lead single "Keep Yourself Alive," a Brian May composition, sold badly.
The album Queen II was released in 1974. The album reached number five on the British album charts. The album is their heaviest and darkest release, featuring long compound instrumental passages, fantasy-themed lyrics and musical intelligence. The band toured as support to Mott the Hoople in the UK & United States, and they began to gain notice for their active and appealing stage shows.
Queen released their third album, Sheer Heart Attack, before the end of 1974. The music hall meets Zeppelin "Killer Queen" climbed to number two on the U.K. charts, taking the album to number two as well. Sheer Heart Attack made some inroads in America as well, setting the stage for the breakthrough of 1975's A Night at the Opera. Queen labored long and hard over the record. The first single from the record, "Bohemian Rhapsody," became Queen's signature song, and with its pompous, mock-operatic arrangement punctuated by heavy metal riffing, it encapsulates their music. To support "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen shot one of the first abstract music videos, and the risk paid off as the single spent nine weeks at number one in the England, breaking the record for the longest run at number one. The song and A Night at the Opera were evenly winning in America, as the album climbed into the Top Ten and quickly went platinum
Next A Night at the Opera, Queen were recognized as superstars, and they quickly took advantage of all their status had to offer. Their parties and extravagance quickly became legend in the rock world. In the summer of 1976, they performed a free concert at London's Hyde Park that broke audience records, and they released the hit single "Somebody to Love" a few months later. It was followed by A Day at the Races, which was fundamentally a scaled-down version of A Night at the Opera that reached number one in the U.K. and number five in the U.S. They continued to pile up hit singles in both Britain and America over the next five years, as each of their albums went into the Top Ten. Because Queen embraced such mass achievement and respect, they were scorned by the rock press. However, the public continued to buy Queen records. Featuring the Top Five double-A-sided single "We Are the Champions"/"We Will Rock You," News of the World became a Top Ten hit in 1977. The next year, Jazz nearly simulated that success, with the single "Fat Bottomed Girls"/"Bicycle Race" suitable an international hit in spite of the massive bad publicity nearby their media stunt of staging a nude female bicycle r Faced with their decreased reputation in the U.S. and declining popularity in Britain, Queen began touring overseas markets, calming a large, enthusiastic fan base in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, continents that most rock groups ignored. In 1985, they returned to popularity in Britain in the wake of their show-stopping performance at Live Aid. The following year, they released A Kind of Magic to strong European sales, but they unsuccessful to make headway in the States. The same fate befell 1989's The Miracle, yet 1991's Innuendo was greeted more positively, going gold and peaking at number 30 in the U.S.
On November 23, Freddie Mercury issued a declaration confirming that he was stricken with AIDS. Mercurry died the next day. The next spring, the remaining members of Queen held a memorial concert at Wembley Stadium, which was broadcast to an international audience of more than one billion. Featuring such guest artists as David Bowie, Elton John, Annie Lennox, Def Leppard, and Guns N' Roses, the concert raised millions for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which was recognized for AIDS awareness. The concert coincided with a revival of interest in "Bohemian Rhapsody," which climbed to number two in the U.S. and number one in the U.K. Brian May released his second solo album, Back to the Light, in 1993, ten years after the release of his first record. The three reunited in 1994 to record support tapes for vocal tracks Mercury recorded on his death bed. The resulting album, Made in Heaven, was released in 1995 to mixed reviews and strong sales, particularly in Europe.
Following Freddie Mercury's death in 1991 and Deacon's leaving later in the decade, May and Taylor have performed rarely under the Queen name. Since 2005 they have been collaborating with Paul Rodgers, under the name Queen + Paul Rodgers.

The Queen logo, (the Queen Crest), was designed by Mercury brusquely previous to the release of their first album. The logo features the zodiac signs of all four members:
two lions for Leo -Deacon and Taylor
a crab for Cancer May
two fairies for Virgo Mercury)
The lions are implementation a stylized letter Q, the crab is inactive atop the Q with flames rising directly above it, and the fairies are each sheltering below a lion. There is also a crown inside the Q and the whole logo is over-shadowed by an enormous phoenix.. The original logo, as found on the reverse-side of the first album cover, was a simple line sketch but more complicated color versions were used on later album covers.

Queen's music was a out of the ordinary yet extremely easy to get to fusion of the macho and the fey. For years, their albums boasted the motto no synthesizers were used on this record, signaling their loyalty with the legions of post-Led Zeppelin hard rock bands. But vocalist Freddie Mercury brought an overgenerous sense of camp to the band, approaching them toward kitschy humor and pseudo-classical preparations, as epitomized on their best-known song, "Bohemian Rhapsody." Mercury, it must be said, was a flamboyant bisexual who managed to keep his sexuality in the closet until his death from AIDS in 1991. However, his sexuality was obvious during Queen's music, from their very name to their veiled lyrics, it was truly strange to hear gay anthems like "We Are the Champions" twist into celebrations of sports victories. That would have been unfeasible without Mercury, one of the most dynamic and magnetic front men in rock history. Through his famous theatrical performances, Queen became one of the mainly popular bands in the world in the mid-'70s; in England, they remained second only to the Beatles in fame and collectibles in the '90s. Despite their massive popularity, Queen were never taken seriously by rock critics. In bad feeling of such harsh criticism, the band's popularity hardly ever waned; even in the late '80s, the group retained a obsessive following except in America. In the States, their reputation peaked in the early '80s, just as they ended nearly a decade's significance of extremely popular records. And while those records were never praised, they sold in huge numbers, and traces of Queen's music could be heard in more than a few generations of hard rock and metal bands in the next two decades.

Queen Studio albums
Released: July 13, 1973
Queen II
Released: March 8, 1974
Sheer Heart Attack
Released: November 8, 1974
A Night at the Opera
Released: November 21, 1975
A Day at the Races
Released: December 10, 1976
News of the World
Released: October 28, 1977
Released: November 10, 1978
The Game
Released: June 30, 1980

Flash Gordon
Released: December 8, 1980

Hot Space
Released: May 21, 1982

The Works
Released: February 27, 1984

A Kind of Magic
Released: June 2, 1986

The Miracle
Released: May 22, 1989

Released: February 4, 1991

Made in Heaven
Released: November 6, 1995


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The band Queen is well-known for their musical variety, multi-layered preparations, vocal harmonies, and amalgamation of audience involvement into their live performances. Their 1985 Live Aid performance was chosen the best live rock performance of all time in an industry survey.
Queen rock band had modest achievement in the early 1970s, with the albums Queen and Queen II, but it was with the release of Sheer Heart Attack in 1974 and A Night at the Opera the next year that the band gained international triumph. They have released fifteen studio albums, five live albums, and various compilation albums. Eighteen of these have reached number one on charts worldwide.

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